We like to use the analogy that your branding (logo, business cards, letterhead, etc) is the clothes your company wears. The clothes that it needs to wear every day, year after year. That being the case, would you pick something generic straight off the rack without much thought, or have something tailor made that's going to stand out, look professional, and leave a powerful impression?

Branding is our passion and your identity is unique. We ensure that each design embodies the essence of your business and communicates a point of difference.

Graphic Design

Done right, quality graphic design will not only make your marketing material look great, it will also help to boost sales by enticing customers to take action and make a purchase. Whether itís a simple flyer, a multi-page brochure, a magazine advertisement, a product catalogue, or a giant billboard, we design it all and we do it well.


Itís not what you say, itís how you say it. Sure, you know a lot about your business, but if youíre not sure how to write content that will generate sales and be memorable, then itís best you let an experienced copywriter do the job. Our writers will ensure you engage your target audience while creating a unique personality for your brand.


The truth about the print industry is that there isn't a single printer that can do everything. We work closely with a number of high quality print suppliers to ensure that you are getting the best possible product at a great price. Whether you need thousands of mailbox drop flyers, folded brochures, multi-page booklets, or just a few handouts, we've got the best suppliers at hand.

Need something a little different such as spotUV business cards, perhaps a die cut design, or 100% recycled stock printed with soy inks? We've got that covered too. Let us take care of all your print management and take the hassle out of sourcing and coordinating print suppliers.

Web Design

Your company website will most likely be the first point of contact with potential customers. Therefore, a well designed, easy to navigate, and highly functional website may be the difference between a customer going to you or a competitor. Whether itís a simple brochure site, a full content management system, an e-commerce site, or even a mobile site for a smartphone device, we can make it a reality.


The right image can do more to promote your business and capture the attention of your customers than words alone ever can. Whether it is a product shot for a brochure or catalogue, a location shot for your business or event, or just a staff profile shot, the talented team of freelance photographers at The Creative Connection will ensure you have a memorable image to be proud of.