At The Creative Connection we're all about ensuring you truly connect with and attract new customers.

Whether it's by refreshing your branding, designing a logo or creating a brochure, our team of designers work by connecting the head and the heart. This means being smart and strategic while listening to our intuitive side to produce work that is both inspiring and highly effective.

Having worked on businesses of all shapes and sizes, The Creative Connection team are here to take your business to the next level. All you have to do is make a connection. Call 1300 787 345 or email us today.

Are you connecting with your customers?


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We like to use the analogy that your branding (logo, business cards, letterhead, etc) is the clothes your company wears. The clothes that it needs to wear every day, year after year. That being the case, would you pick something generic straight off the rack without much thought, or have something tailor made that's going to stand out, look professional, and leave a powerful impression?


Branding is our passion and your identity is unique. We ensure that each design embodies the essence of your business and communicates a point of difference.


Done right, quality graphic design will not only make your marketing material look great, it will also help to boost sales by enticing customers to take action and make a purchase. Whether it’s a simple flyer, a multi-page brochure, a magazine advertisement, a product catalogue, or a giant billboard, we design it all and we do it well.


The truth about the print industry is that there isn't a single printer that can do everything. We work closely with a number of high quality print suppliers to ensure that you are getting the best possible product at a great price. Whether you need thousands of mailbox drop flyers, folded brochures, multi-page booklets, or just a few handouts, we've got the best suppliers at hand.


Need something a little different such as spotUV business cards, perhaps a die cut design, or 100% recycled stock printed with soy inks? We've got that covered too. Let us take care of all your print management and take the hassle out of sourcing and coordinating print suppliers.



We're a creative agency with a difference.


The Creative Connection is more than just an agency with a passion for branding and all things graphic design. It was brought to life from a desire to work “with” rather than “for” people to achieve greatness.


We are a team of designers and developers all connected by this desire to produce great work and provide the highest level of care and service to our clients.


Ethan Drozd is the founder of The Creative Connection and has over 15 years experience in the design and branding industry. Interestingly, Ethan’s first branding project was himself. Arriving in Australia as an 8 year old with the name Slawomir Drozdzowicz, he quickly discovered the first rule of branding –  a short and simple name will always be more memorable than a difficult and unfamiliar one. And so in his 20's he rebranded to become Ethan Drozd.


Years later, Ethan began Cubic Collective – a graphic design studio heavily influenced by his industrial design background. However, a shift into a more holistic lifestyle allowed for a deeper connection between the head and the heart and the business evolved into what is now The Creative Connection.


You may hear us talk a lot about connection and yes, our work will connect you to your customers more effectively. But this connection we speak of is about more than just getting the job done. It’s about working with kindness and gratitude to create a culture where positive energy is cultivated each and every day. A culture where passion is a major element and where everything just flows.


And for that to happen, you need a connection.


Welcome to The Creative Connection, we look forward to working with you.





Phone: 1300 787 345


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